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colour is a power which directly influences the soul

-wassily Kandinsky

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Michelle Lee (b.1981) is a Hong Kong born visual artist who is based in Adelaide, South Australia. Her art practice is derived from passionate debate about what constitutes a life well lived. From the simple joy of intertwining feet with a lover, to smelling the scent of scorched Australian earth after summer rain, Lee explores the world around her through abstract yet deeply personal art.

Her mixed media paintings are a response to and conversation with the sensual wonders of the world, be it intense moments or every-day experiences. She discovers and portrays life through abstraction and semi recognisable forms, framing instances that could go unnoticed.

Lee’s family left Hong Kong in 1987 ahead of the hand over to Communist rule. She was raised in Australia and retains a deep connection to her Chinese heritage. This unique cross-cultural perspective is evident in her art.

Her training as an award-winning graphic designer has imbued her with the ability to convey complex messages in a visual medium. Coupled with her fascination of colour and spatial relationships, she connects the viewer using an abstract language of various shades and tones together with mark making. The process of layering paint, abstract illustrations and line work is repeated over and over again intuitively, creating multiple layers and complex meanings until Lee arrives at a piece of art that exposes her soul.

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The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.
— Arisotle